I can't access youtube, googlemail, twitter...?

Answer Hey!If you tried all of that and you yet can't seem to find it then there is no other way for you to find. You tried everything a person can. It is gone for good, don't fed over it, move on with yo... Read More »

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Why when I try to create a new "gmail" account it converts to "googlemail" account.Why cant I just get Gmail?

dont worry anyways is going to be @gmail.com…

People can talk smack on Facebook and twitter but cant say it to your face?

yeah people think its better because 1. they're kind of "hidden" from the other person because they arent saying it directly to them and 2. they can take as long as they want to think of what to sa... Read More »

Why cant i access

The server is down or offline. Still is.~I could not access it either.

I cant access

personally i find the servers at struggle in busy / peak periods.Give it a few mins and try again later. If after several attempts i would leave a bigger gap (say an hour) and try ... Read More »