I can't access youtube, googlemail, twitter...?

Answer Hey!If you tried all of that and you yet can't seem to find it then there is no other way for you to find. You tried everything a person can. It is gone for good, don't fed over it, move on with yo... Read More »

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Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, or Youtube?

i like facebook, personally even though you can't do your profile and stuff.myspace is ok. I only use it to talk to my friends and that's it.I rarely go on youtube. I used to though.I have twitter,... Read More »

Any username ideas for youtube, twitter, ect?


How do I get my twitter followers to watch my YouTube videos?

Well just tweet the actual video link. I'm sure your followers will watch it, I don't see why they won't since is your video and not spam.I suggest you get more followers and videos on youtube thro... Read More »

So we have facebook, Google, twitter, Youtube, what does the internet need now?

A site for intelligent, creative people with a sense of humour.Oh, wait. We just got that, it is called,'s new, help shape it if you're up to that.