I cant access my facebook account?

Answer sounds like facebook disabled your account for doing something against the rulesdid you create more than one account?did you try to advertise something?did you spam something to get more likes?

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Is it illegal to access someone else's Facebook account?

According to the Facebook Statement of Rights, the onus is on the user to make sure his user name and password is not compromised. Therefore, the user may take action against the offender if the us... Read More »

How to reactivate my facebook account Can't access it?

I had the same problem. I got my account back just few minutes ago. Initially the message will come that the email account does not exists. Keep trying 4-5 times. Then you will be asked for a frien... Read More »

How do I access a child's Facebook account?

Gain Permission From Your ChildAsk your child about Facebook. Ask him to log in and allow you to navigate through his account. If he is willing to give you his password or to log in for you, you ca... Read More »

How to Block Access to Your Facebook Account Temporarily?

Facebook is one of the main time wasters nowadays. Some people cannot resist the temptation of checking it every half an hour and consequently they spend hours by reading the statuses of friends, w... Read More »