I can't Delete internet history?

Answer If you've done a lot of browsing that last one can be a huge list. Perhaps even too huge to actually be helpful.When you type a URL into the address box IE's suggestions come from several locations... Read More »

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Can someone still tell what you've been viewing on the internet even if you delete the internet history?

stop looking at porn and you wont have to worry about that !!!!!!

How can i delete my internet history?

Depending on if it is a mac or a pc, its different. If it is a pc you could try pressing ctrl H, this should bring up a bar on the left side of the browser which should have a list that says today,... Read More »

How can i delete internet history?

if you are using Mozilla Firefox, open it and then go to the Tools tab and then click on Clear Private Data and then click on Clear Private Data Now. If you are using an Internet Explorer 7, open i... Read More »

How do you delete history off the internet?