I cannot stop eating hot cheetos?

Answer OMG! Hot Cheetos are so good! I haven't had them for like over a year. But 2 bags, that's crazy, how about make this plan, eat only one small snack bag per school day. So basically Mon-Fri. Use sel... Read More »

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I cannot stop binge eating, plz help?

You have probably stretched your stomach. The key is getting that under control so you aren't so hungry anymore. Weight' Watcher's motto of "rest and re assess" has helped me stop eating so much. I... Read More »

I CANNOT STOP! please help me.?

Yes the air bubbles accumulate causing future damages of arthritis. SO YOU MUST STOP!! After a while you get used to not doing it, but first stopping is the difficult par that you have to concentra... Read More »

Is lsd addictive because i cannot stop thinking about it...?

Calm down. You're NOT addicted, LSD is JUST THAT AWESOME.The first time is always the best. You should do it again. Tripping is the greatest thing ever.

If i stop eating?

Of course fasting works. I'm not an expert but I'd estimate you could expect to loose up to 10 pounds of weight a week by "pure" fasting. That is a water only diet. The average body in order to su... Read More »