I cannot stop eating hot cheetos?

Answer OMG! Hot Cheetos are so good! I haven't had them for like over a year. But 2 bags, that's crazy, how about make this plan, eat only one small snack bag per school day. So basically Mon-Fri. Use sel... Read More »

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you can't stop eating because u have been starving your body on 500 calories a day. now that you are trying to eat properly again it is scared that you will starve it again soon so it wants as much... Read More »

If i stop eating?

Of course fasting works. I'm not an expert but I'd estimate you could expect to loose up to 10 pounds of weight a week by "pure" fasting. That is a water only diet. The average body in order to su... Read More »

Should I stop eating?

What do you eat on your other meals?You have to look after ALL meals, not only the breakfast. Look for a nutritionist or for medical directions. If you want to lose weight, you also will HAVE to go... Read More »

Why can't I stop eating!?