I cannot sign into youtube?

Answer Do you realise you need to sign up with and open an account with them before you can open an account on youtube.That's how the android sydtem works!

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I can't sign into my youtube!?

Here is answer from youtube for more details and various answers you can check link below.Thank you to you for asking this question I also learned something new.Can't create new account after delet... Read More »

Google Chrome Won't Let Me Sign Into Youtube!?

First try a different browser to ensure that the problem is with Chrome. Then delete your cookies, history, etc. If that doesn't work, also delete all temporary internet files. If that doesn't w... Read More »

Why does my mxtube on my ipod touch say cannot connect to youtube even though my youtube is working and im connected to wifi?

Recently, YouTube has changed its TOS and downloading videos is disabled. Hopefully there'll be a workaround soon. AB19

Is someone who cannot speak but can use sign language to communicate disabled?

Answer They are considered "disabled" because they don't have the ability to speak. This is the dictionary definition of disability: "A disadvantage or deficiency, especially a physical or mental ... Read More »