I cannot see the pictures on a flash drive?

Answer The chances are not good, but try a data recovery place..

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You insert a flash drive and discover that you cannot make use of all the memory on the USB flash device when?

how old is the flash drive? flash memory can only be written and re-written over so many times before it cannot be used anymore. For this reason flash drives are split up into multiple sectors, eac... Read More »

My usb flash drive cannot delete, copy or store files.?

You may have left it locked - if it isn't that you could try to reformat it that usually works but you will lose any files currently stored on it. Make sure you unlock it before you tryAJ

How many pictures can I load on a one gb flash drive?

The number of pictures a 1 GB flash drive can hold will depend on the resolution and the size of the photo. For example, a 1 GB drive has 952 MB for storage and 72 MB for the drive's firmware. 952 ... Read More »

How many pictures 4gb usb flash drive hold?