I cannot read PDF files on word?

Answer If you simply want to view the PDF file, then you can type "adobe reader" in the google search bar and just follow the instructions from the first site which should be the official one. If you wish... Read More »

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Can Microsoft Works 9.0 read Word files?

Microsoft Works 9.0 can read and edit Word files in the absence of the Microsoft Word program. Files written in Microsoft Works 9.0 also can be saved as Word documents--with a .doc or a .docx file ... Read More »

How to Change Read-Only Files in Microsoft Word?

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, file properties known as "attributes" may be set to control the use of the file. For example, a file attribute may be set on the file to make the file "Read-... Read More »

Using IPad... can i download Pdfs , word files to read...for free!!?

I tend to use more windows based things but as far as im aware you should be able to read PDFs for free by default on the IPad, i dont think i had to purchase any software on mine to do it. That sa... Read More »

Cannot add additional files to a CD-RW?

Was this a mastered or live file system disc?…If it was mastered then you won't be able to use it as you would a flash drive. That can only be done with a... Read More »