I cannot lose or gain weight! help please.?

Answer It depends on how long you've been at your current weight. The human body tends to get comfortable with it's weight after a couple of years and doesn't want to change. So, while you can bust your... Read More »

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How to gain willpower to work out/run everyday To lose weight, I'm a girl 16 190 lbs Help?

I've been using a guide you can find at and it helped me reach my goal weight and get toned pretty easilyYou should check it out :)Good luck!

How to gain weight please(:?

I know you are complaining about gaining weight, but I know myself and lots of other girls complain about LOSING weight, so I think you're very lucky. But that's just me, I know how to gain more we... Read More »

Trying to gain weight PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

This is easy. Eat, sleep, watch tv with nothing else.

Lose weight please help me.?

*I would suggest changing your eating habits. I saw this program on tv and it made a lot of sense. You need to eat really slow. focus on just eating, don't watch tv or anything. pay attention t... Read More »