I cannot edit a scanned word or excel document, I can only cut, copy, paste. Is there a way to edit scan docs?

Answer When a document is scanned into a computer, it does not come in as "text" (meaning words and numbers). It is scanned in as a picture. So there is no way to edit a normally scanned document.But ch... Read More »

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Well i have scanned a document using a scanner,how can i make it editable i.e a word document which i can edit?

Pretty simple, you need an OCR application. It will convert the image into text file. Download from here:

How do you edit a scanned document in Word ?

you could try this >>… or here >>…

When you scan a ducument it became a jpeg file How do you edit now the text in the scanned document?

Not really possible how you envision it. A jpeg is an image file, and the letters you see are not "letters" as a computer interprets it. You can always use paint to "white-out" the existing text ... Read More »

How to edit scanned document on Microsoft Word?

You can't type over a raw scanned document in MS Word. Some people have suggested using text boxes, but I've never used them and can't vouch for their effectiveness.You could run what’s called an... Read More »