I cannot delete a file as file location cannot be found, please help?

Answer did you remove the file in an un-installment?

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How do I Delete Hidden Files on a Windows Deskstop That Cannot Find a Source File?

By default, Microsoft Windows operating systems hide system files and file extensions. To find an delete hidden files that are not being found by the "Search" function, or by viewing folders and fi... Read More »

I converted a file from pdf to doc but i cannot edit it. the doc file appears to be in a "box".?

You probably will need a PDF converter that will allow you to edit the converted file.

When you download GMod10 What do you do if when I click it it keeps saying cannot found configuration file?

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I am trying to put videos in my Ipod, but it kept saying that my Ipod cannot be found. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!?

I had a similar problem until I figured out that the videos had to be converted to MP4's before trying to upload them to my IPOD.Then everything worked perfectly.