I cannot delete a file as file location cannot be found, please help?

Answer did you remove the file in an un-installment?

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In Html coding how does the <img> file know where to be found where should i put the image file?

src attribute. not > and that in HTML, the tag is simply that and nothing more unless you want to specify .other than that they are the same.

What is a PVM file What program opens PVM files I am trying to open a PVM file in My DocumentsMy Albums it says Camera 12 30 2006 PVM File 2 KB?

PVM file is a directory listing of certain photo imaging software's that link to the actual jpeg file. See more on PVM file and how to open it at related links.

How to Move a PST File Location?

Personal information folders (pst) files are used by Outlook to store your information. This includes emails, calendars, tasks and contacts. Personal information folder files are helpful because th... Read More »

How do I add a file location to a word document?

Type the name of the file, then highlight that text. Click on the "Insert" tab; then, within the "Links" module, click the "Hyperlink" button.Set the "Link to:" field (the left column) in the pop-u... Read More »