I cannot copy music to a CD. can somebody tell me why and how i could fix it?

Answer If the CD is a recent or new release from a major record label, it's probably got anti-piracy DRM rootkit software built right into the CD which physically prevents the software from copying the so... Read More »

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Can you tell me some music i could get for my ipod?

Here's a list of artists who's songs I enjoy:Regina SpektorRilo KileyJenny Lewis and the Watson TwinsDuffyRadioheadVan MorrisonThe RamonesMushroomheadKings of LeonIron and WineBelle and SebastianCo... Read More »

How can i stop somebody to copy my picture from orkut ?

If they can see you picture on their monitor then they can copy the picture. Only way to keep people from copying the picture is to not let is show on any monitor.

I cannot copy and paste games in my cd to my pc?

Duh, you have to INSTALL the game. NOT copy and paste it.

My usb flash drive cannot delete, copy or store files.?

You may have left it locked - if it isn't that you could try to reformat it that usually works but you will lose any files currently stored on it. Make sure you unlock it before you tryAJ