I cannot be trusted!?

Answer Try babysitting or dog sitting/walking to be able to earn extra money for it.You can do it. They may have a better one by the time you save your money and they may be cheaper.

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Should wikipedia be trusted?

I think the question is not so much whether wikipedia can be trusted, as how we determine how we trust anything we read anywhere. I trust most things I read on wikipedia, but I check several sourc... Read More »

Have you ever trusted someone COMPLETELY?

Trust is a very important part of life. You have to trust if you truly want to experience what life has to offer. You have to let your guard down and allow people to become infectious to you. That ... Read More »

I'm looking for a lab where I can get a trusted HIV testing?

Any hospital-affiliated laboratory or major corporation laboratory (Quest diagnostics, Labcorp, etc) can do the test for you.Keep in mind that there can be false positives and false negatives. It ... Read More »

Can Wikipedia be trusted?

You can trust wikipedia allot more now then you could a few years ago, however as with any web page, book and so forth it depends on what content your thinking about. Safest bet is doing multible r... Read More »