I can upload videos longer than 15 mins on YouTube?

Answer It's offered to people who frequent the site, and upload a good number of videos. I heard that how many strikes you have is also taken into consideration (people with no strikes are likely to be of... Read More »

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How can i upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes onto youtube?

Free YouTube Uploader is the very first PC desktop application to upload videos to YouTube without using the original YouTube web interface. If you often upload videos, this easy to use program wil... Read More »

Video taking way longer than it should to upload on youtube (Urgent)?

Sometimes YouTube has issues.Cancel the upload. Change the file name (so YouTube doesn't get confused), and start over.

How to Upload YouTube Videos on PSP?

A PSP can be used for other things than just playing games. With the built-in wireless card, you can browse the Internet, including going to YouTube and watching video right on your PSP. With the P... Read More »

How do I upload Youtube videos to my MP3/MP4?

all of the sites listed above probably work,but here's another site you can use anyway: simple and free. just paste the url of the youtube video you want and it will co... Read More »