I can still get on wikipedia?

Answer For US users, it's blacked out. It's because the controversial bill to be passed is in the US Congress.

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If Wikipedia is considered an "unreliable sorce", why do we still use it?

I read a paper a while ago that really answered this question well for me. Don Fallis, of the School of Information Resources and Library Science at the University of Arizona, wrote a paper called ... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia still a misspelling on Yahoo Answers?

it's because yahoo answers uses a generic spell checker instead of a "good" one i actually dont even use the spell checker b/c its soooo damn annoying

Why is Wikipedia still seen as unreliable to my teachers?

Because it still is. Can you distinguish "obviously unreliable content" from potentially unreliable content? If something seems believable, does that automatically mean that it's correct? In life i... Read More »

Does anyone still use Wikipedia anymore ?

Lots of people are still using Wikipedia, and worse, they are still treating everything they read in it as if it were the gospel truth (which of course it is not). The problem is also that lots of ... Read More »