I can not get any sound from my PC?

Answer You might need to download an audio driver update for your computer. Try online at your computer's company's website for technical support. I've done it before with Dell.

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Is there any way to get sound from youtube videos and put the sound on your itunes?

yes you can! copy the link from the youtube videothen nextthen on the dropdown list under sound file types press mp3 and the rest is pretty easy. and wala you... Read More »

How do I hook up a Haier sound bar to tv Tried with RCA cables but I get no sound from tv.?

Most likely the RCA are inputs not outputs. The TV needs to have an audio out. Either optical or RCA. If it doesn't you need to send the audio directly from the source (cable box, dvd player, blura... Read More »

Is there any program that allows a 5.1 sound system display sound from only, lets say one speaker?

The Yamaha RX-V 6 series of receivers have a feature called "Virtual Cinema" that lets you use 1,2,3 or 5 speakers.But it sounds like you really want a "Zone 2" feature where the AV Receiver lets y... Read More »

How do I get sound to my analogue surround sound speakers from my ps3?

Easy money. Ok, the PS3 came with a set of cables, red blue yellow green and white. Run your HDMI into your TV. Run those supplied cables into your surround sound (only the red and white). Go to sy... Read More »