I can make my vision blurry and unblurry is the normal?

Answer its called 'focusing'. Thats what autofocus on cameras is based on. U are actually using eye muscles to do it. I wouldnt do it often tho. Ur vision is far too important to play around with.

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I CAN control whether I see normal vision or blurry vision... why?

its normal. most people can do that. its called 'accommodation'

Is it normal to have slightly blurry vision wearing contact lenses?

Sometimes, if you only have a relatively small amount of astigmatism, they mess with the contact prescription a bit so they can give you the cheaper, non-toric contacts. This might make your visio... Read More »

Blurry vision in one eye...?

An Eye Poke is going to take some time to heal especially a real bad one. If it continues i would suggest an Eye Doctor as soon as possible. Good luck & feel better soon.

Why is my vision blurry in the morning?

blurry vision is a symptom of diabetes but it is also a symptom of many other problems. best to check your sugar as soon as possible and let the doctor determine what the problem is.