I can hardly breath though my nose......?

Answer Hi. Sorry about the 'stuffed up" problem. I know you may have already heard this... but use vicks. Except this time put it on the bottom of your feet. I have a cold right now, and this cleared me u... Read More »

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Why cant you breath through your nose and breath out your mouth at the same time?

It's not possible, because it depends upon your lungs bringing air in or out...and it can only send air in one direction at a time.

How can I breath through my nose again?

Allergies and a cold/sinus have very similar symptoms.Either ways, you could "At Your Own Risk" try some of these natural remedies: **Read the information on the link below before attempting.**1) C... Read More »

How to clean your (inside) nose so you can breath properly?

I clean my nose when its stuffed (especially during spring, allergy, season) with neti pot. Its like a plastic blue teapot. You fill it with water, put in a solution and screw the lid on. Then you ... Read More »

I have frequent could and blocked nose which make me difficult to breath as iam heart patient?

Did you go to a doctor?If you did not go to doctor then you must go now because you have heart problem.I think that only a good doctor can help you.You can check this website from source box for bl... Read More »