I can feel my vein move Please help !?

Answer Check related guide..…Good luck!

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How soon can you feel a baby move?

4-7 months is usually when the baby's body is developing

Why do you sometimes feel like you need to move your legs?

That's called "restless leg syndrome". I have had it before myself. Here is a link so you can read more about it:…

I feel so sad sometimes how can I move on with my life now?

Mate I am so sorry to hear she used you like that. Unfortunately some people will never appreciate all the good things you have done for them. The trick is to realise that you are better than that,... Read More »

This is your third pregnancy when should you feel your baby move?

Why are you asking? This is your third? It doesn't matter whether it's first or fifth. You generally feel it when you are four or five months pregnant.