I can I lose fat from under my arms?

Answer I'm suggesting you find a significant other (of obesity of course) so you may trim each others verge.Plus, trimming makes things look longer. Just saying.

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How to Get Rid of Dark Areas Under Arms?

Dark areas under your arms can be an unsightly inconvenience that keeps you from enjoying sleeveless shirts and dresses. According to, the causes range from simple skin irritati... Read More »

Can you get pimples under your arms?

yes you can... It's normal there is nothing NASTY about it. It is normal. You can apply some tootphasteor a little bit of vapo rub. I had one at one time and the 2nd day it was gone. DO NOT squeeze... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Under the Arms?

Getting rid of razor bumps on your underarms is a two-part process. You will need to treat the existing razor bumps as well as change some of your shaving habits to prevent more of them. Razor bump... Read More »

LADIES ONLY!!! Under arms?

Why don't you want to shave your underarms?