I came home and my gf had imbedded an axe into my computer. Why?

Answer She thought that was how you executed commands

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If someone came into your home right now?

Good question.. Lets just say if someone popped in right now, i'd be embarrassed lmao.Rylie has just gone down for a nap too, we have books and toys all over the floor, My curtains are half open, h... Read More »

I came into some money, and I want to buy a kick *** computer!?

Quad core processor, 2 awesome video cards, at least 4 gigs of RAM, 4 TB hard drive, 24 inch flat screen monitor.

How can i log into my home computer from work?

Thanks to the Internet, people now can access their computers at home from work. In general, connecting to a remote computer is feasible for the average computer user, but there are several softwar... Read More »

How to Turn a Computer Into Home Security?

Home security companies will set up alarms on your house doors and windows and set the alarm system to call the police when tampered with. A simpler way, however, is to set your computer to monitor... Read More »