I came home and my gf had imbedded an axe into my computer. Why?

Answer She thought that was how you executed commands

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How do I print PDF files with imbedded documents?

Print the PDFIn Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, click "File" and select "Print." Select the printer that you want to use and configure printer properties by clicking "Properties" and setting the app... Read More »

Futuristic 70s movie where everyone has gems imbedded in their hands and they can only be with people with the same color?

Logan's RunIt's not Logan's Run. In that film the color told your age. It didn't have anything to do with sex matching.

Itunes. If I download an audio book to my home computer, but I sync my iphone on my work computer...?

you should be able to e-mail yourself the file...or burn it on a cd and transfer it.if you bought it from itunes, yes you can authorize a file to play on up to 5 computers.long time no see : )hope ... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Home Theater Personal Computer With an Older Computer?

This guide has the purpose of helping you to reuse an old computer transforming it into a new living room or bedroom’s media center or HTPCUbuntu Linux and XBOX Media Center, both with GPL /GNL l... Read More »