I busted a blood vessel in my eye from vomiting, how long will it take to go away?

Answer Sometimes all I do is sneeze and I get one. They don't hurt too bad but they look weird.Not really much you can do. I use Clear Eyes, it keeps the rest of the eye looking less bloodshot and it do... Read More »

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Can I peal off the blood in my eye from a busted blood vessel?

Yeah, but you might need to use tweezers. Or a razor blade. Or scissors.

Is it true that blood thinning herbs can increase blood pressure and cause eye vessel bursts?

I don't think it's like that, okei. Pressure build-up is due to a blockage in the vein and that's what causes it to burst. Keeping blood thin is good and that's why taking an aspirin each day is... Read More »

Will a broken blood vessel be caused by high blood pressure?

Through which blood vessel does blood return to the heart from the head and arms?

It returns through the Superior Vena Cava. The inferior Vena Cava carries blood from the lower body back to the heart.