I burnt myself on a hot match ?

Answer Put it under cold running water for about 5 min. Never put any oils or lotions on a burn as this does not help healing but hinders it. You may find it tender for a few days and might blister. If it... Read More »

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I burned myself with a match Halloween night. The match was already out and it accidentally touched my face?

Yes, neosporin will be better than aloe vera. Aloe vera gel is for numbing and soothing minor burns such as sunburn. It will do nothing to prevent infection, while neosporin will; and burns have a ... Read More »

I Just Burnt Myself?

Applying tooth paste to your burn also helps.Put a glop on like glue and the pain will subside.I'm not sure why but I guess the menthol has to do with the it.I find this works better than cold wate... Read More »

I burnt myself and it hurts so bad?

Ice water for 20 minutes! Then take some pain relief if it still hurts :)

How to Re Light a "Burnt Out" Match Magic Trick?

Make the audience believe you struck a used match and it lit up.