I burnt myself and it hurts like hell!?

Answer This'll sound weird, but rub toothpaste on it. It works.

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I burnt myself and it hurts so bad?

Ice water for 20 minutes! Then take some pain relief if it still hurts :)

Wisdom tooth hurts like hell?

I had terrible pain in the right side of my mouth. I figured it was wisdom tooth, because they were starting to come in. Turns out, I needed a root canal on one of my back molars.

My wisdom tooth is starting to pop inside and it hurts like hell?

You need to take that out! Go to a dentist. If your can't afford to get it taken out, get an xray And ask for a pain prescription. Should help mean while.

How do i get a small piece of glass out of my finger hurts like hell?

Tweezers are the best thing to get a piece of glass out. Yep, it hurts.