I burnt my side with the iron! help?

Answer 1. Never put creams or anything like that on burns.2. run under cold running water for 10 mins, if still hurting do another 10.3. If it's bigger than a 50p piece go to hospital.4. wrap it up in cli... Read More »

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I burnt my leg with a curling iron!!?

use the method RICE, Rest the area, put Ice or a cold compress on it, Compress the area and elevate the are to reduce swelling! or you can buy them burn gel packs at your local drugstore/pharmacy! ... Read More »

How to Get the Burnt on Gunk Off on a Curling Iron?

In almost every woman's bathroom you can find a variety of beauty products, including hair-care devices and accessories. Among the trove of ingenious devices is the curling iron. The curling iron i... Read More »

How do i remove burnt fabric from an iron?

Heat the IronTurn the iron on to the highest setting with no steam. After it is hot, carefully use a paper towel to wipe any excess fabric from the iron. Turn the iron off and allow it to cool co... Read More »

Which side do you iron iron-on transfer fabric refill sheets?

Iron-on transfer refill sheets for fabric applications go onto the garment face down so that the image is lying on the garment, so you iron onto the back of the sheet. Transfer refill sheets allow ... Read More »