I burnt my hand what can i do to make it feel better?

Answer Put Aloe Gel on it

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How to Make Someone Feel Like a String Is Being Pulled from Their Hand?

This is sort of an elementary school trick. It can also be used as a magic trick. On many people, this trick will not work. Only some people will feel like you are pulling a string through their ha... Read More »

Burnt hand, what to do?

It depends on how bad the burn is. There are 3 Different types, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns. 1st degree are basically like sunburn, the skin turns red and stings a little, especially when you ... Read More »

My brother burnt his hand?

Once a blister is forming, it isn't preventable. Treatment wise, cover up the nerve endings...which is what is causing the pain.I would suggest using ice for about 5 minutes, dry it off, put a lit... Read More »

I burnt my hand with boiling water?

should be fine, if there is blisters or any discolored skin then go see a doctor. I burnt my hand with water making KD, it hurt a lot but it went away...the next day or the day after. Just kept ice... Read More »