I burnt my hand and now skin is peeling off?

Answer I doubt its an infection because the blister usually pops on burns but if it's really bad maybe you should consider seeing your doctor

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How to stop burnt skin peeling aftersun doesnt work !?

The skin is going to peel if it is burnt regardless of what you put on it. The top layer has burnt and so your body naturally peels to get rid of it. I find that lots of aloe vera gel helps keep ... Read More »

When your sun burnt penis starts peeling?

Your lips say "anaconda", but your trousers say "earthworm".

Skin under my foot is peeling and Skin on my heels and on the balls of my feet are very thick?

Your skin will be dry and peeling if you aren't properly moisturized. The skin on your feet that impacts the ground the most (your heel and the balls of your feet) will also be thick with calluses... Read More »

Burnt hand, what to do?

It depends on how bad the burn is. There are 3 Different types, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns. 1st degree are basically like sunburn, the skin turns red and stings a little, especially when you ... Read More »