I burnt my finger on a hair straightener..?

Answer I burt myself twice with a curing iron.once on my shoulder and another time on my knee(dont ask ._.). Anyways the iron was on 450 or higher.this was the begging of the last school year so like sinc... Read More »

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I burned my finger with the hair straightener, it made a bubble on my finger..?

It's a blister, just deal with it. It will be better in the morning.

I burnt my ear with my hair straightener; what should I do?

You want to keep the wound clean, but don't use soap!! Soap strips the natural oil off your skin that is helping the wound heal. I would suggest using neosporin if you aren't already. That will hel... Read More »

I burnt my thumb on my straightener this morning and now i have a gross white bubble, am i supposed to pop it?

Nope, just put on some burn cream, cover it with a bandaid, and leave it alone.

I burnt my finger please help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Its just a blister, it will go away in a fewdays, keep it clean so it wont get infected