I burnt my finger on a glue gun, will popping the blister make it worse or help it heal?

Answer People say not to pop them. But either way it will heal eventually. Also if its on the tip of ur finger it will most likely pop soon anyway because you touch things so much.

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I burnt my finger and i have a blister should I pop it?

A blister or scab is your body protecting a wound, so you should not. But psychologically everyone wants to tear it off, so if you do, wash it well (soap or peroxide), dab some antibacterial on it ... Read More »

How to Make a Huge Blister Heal?

Most blisters will heal themselves if left alone. However, if you need to walk on a blistered foot or use a blistered hand, you can follow these steps to speed up the healing process.

Way to treat a open blister and make it heal fast?

Ugh I get these all the time being a girl breaking in new shoes most weeks. Yeah the skin over it had all the fluid in it and if you have popped it thats okay the skin will just be really raw and e... Read More »

How can I make the cut on my finger heal faster?

I don't know about healing faster but Listerine will allow it to heal with even less of a sister used Listerine on cuts on her hand and the same type of cuts on the other hand she h... Read More »