I burnt my ear with my hair straightener; what should I do?

Answer You want to keep the wound clean, but don't use soap!! Soap strips the natural oil off your skin that is helping the wound heal. I would suggest using neosporin if you aren't already. That will hel... Read More »

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I burnt my finger on a hair straightener..?

I burt myself twice with a curing iron.once on my shoulder and another time on my knee(dont ask ._.). Anyways the iron was on 450 or higher.this was the begging of the last school year so like sinc... Read More »

Should I Put Gel in My Hair Before I Use My Straightener?

We all know dental health is important for a healthy, beautiful smile. However, having good dental health means knowing more than just how to brush and floss. It's important to educate yourself a... Read More »

I burned my forehead with my hair straightener. what do i do?

Put aloe on it and wait for it to heal all the way. Don't put makeup on it until it's entirely healed, because that's bad for the skin, and it should get the chance to breathe as much as possible. ... Read More »

I Burned My Hand With a Hair Straightener What Now [PIC]?

For the time being you may apply melted butter. Later you go for any antibacterial skin ointment.