I burned a dvd but it only plays on my computer and not on my dvd player?

Answer But exactly what did you burn to your DVD ??? .You need some DVD authoring software - that takes your video and converts it to mpeg2 - then packages it into .VOB files with special file names and p... Read More »

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How do I get a burned DVD to play on my DVD player?

You may have to upgrade your DVD player. Not all players will accept burned dvds. Usually the lower end (priced) models won't.

How do I play burned movies on a DVD player?

Determine the kind of DVD you are trying to play. DVD players can only play discs burned as DVD videos. Other DVD-burning options aside from a DVD video include an audio DVD and a data DVD. These m... Read More »

How do you make a burned DVD readable for DVD player?

How do you play burned dvds on a DVD player?

A DVD player will not BURN a new DVD, you need e RECORDER to BURN a new disc.