I broke the photocopier at work by photocopying my butt.?

Answer Your screwed! They will take butt prints. lol

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I think i broke my butt?

A broken butt is terrible! It will eventually swell to five times its normal size; strangely enough, this condition seems to affect most women over 25.*braces for the storm of rocks*

How to Work Your Butt?

For personal reasons, would you like your butt to be as full and shapely as it can be? Follow these steps to help you work your butt and achieve your goals.

I broke my lcd screen on mi iphone 3gs if i buy a new 1 will my phone work again?

Unless you have the proper tools and know how to replace the screen it will not do any good to just try to buy a new screen it is not like going to the corner store and buying a new screen, just bu... Read More »

(For guys mostly) do you like women to have a nice toned butt, or a fat butt?

I nice toned butt all the way. I'll take that butt over a bigger butt that is not well toned.