I broke my wrist last night, what can i do to speed up the healing?

Answer A broken bone takes about six weeks to heal.You can listen to what the doctor tells you to doBTW..... Just got out of my cast.I didn't listen.It took eight weeks to heal.

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How do i kno i broke my wrist?

Well does it hurt if you move your fingers a little or is your fingers stiff and you can't really move them or is it not right looking when looking at it (what I mean is that does it look bent etc)... Read More »

Help! I think I just broke my wrist!?

is it painful, you may have dislocated it if its just popping. if your concerned you should go get it checked out. the longer you wait the worse it may get

How do i know if my wrist is broke/?

I think I broke my wrist?

Megs, why did you break your wrist? ;)I am sorry, that has to be painful!You need to go to a doctor if you can.If you can't, then you need to immobilize your wrist. Keep it really straight and get ... Read More »