I broke my head open but i am scared to go to the hospital any help?

Answer GO TO THE HOSPITAL!! i would be freaking scared too. but they will fix it. it might hurt but i dont know something worse can happen if u don. trust me ive has experience like that, just go to the h... Read More »

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Please help!! i broke my leg and my mother wont take me to the hospital!!?

Call cops through computer somehow,Get a hold of a phone, call 911 and tell them about your mom too

My friend's water broke yesterday..I drove her to the hospital..I don't want to sound perverted/weird/careless?

lol that's funny. i agree. put gloves on and get STRONG cleaning products and clean it up really well.

I hit my head, I'm scared...?

nothing probably but go to a doctor to check

How to be less scared with shaved head (girl)?

Ah, you're in quite a situation... Are you able to save some of your hair? If you can, pixie cuts usually look good on everyone.You could invest in some hats (not just any hats, but hats that you r... Read More »