I broke my dads laptop, what do I do?

Answer I'll make it simple. YOU have a chance of a snowball in hell of fixing it yourself. The display would need to be replaced period.

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At home i have wireless, my dads computer used it aswell, can he see what i am doing on my laptop?

I have a laptop which is connected to my dads wireless internet. he said he can see all the sites i view..?

Because you use his wireless he can check the routers database for sites viewed on that comp. You have to get into his router set up. Or just find the button on the back of the routter and press it... Read More »

Is my laptop charger broke?

ya it probably has a chip somewhere or where u plug it in does. theres probably a way if u lean it up against something it will work but theres a chance of a fire get a new one or get it fixed

I accidentally broke my brothers laptop, what do i do?

Telling him would be the responsible thing to do. Offering to trade him yours, or pay for the repairs, would be even better. If he'd broken YOUR laptop, isn't that what you'd want him to do?