I broke my big toe last night PLEASE HELP?

Answer call a toe truck

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I broke my toe last night - the doctor says not to worry... ?

The doctor is right. It will heal itself. A toe can't be set and a cast put on it like another broken bone. It will heal in time. You can tape it to the toe beside it (buddy splinting) to help rel... Read More »

I broke my wrist last night, what can i do to speed up the healing?

A broken bone takes about six weeks to heal.You can listen to what the doctor tells you to doBTW..... Just got out of my cast.I didn't listen.It took eight weeks to heal.

So last wk end I fell off a ladder and broke my head, and last night my dogs tripped me and I sprained my?

I will give you a piggy-back ride to wherever you need to go, but I'm a bit clumsy myself.

If my phone is already broke would i be able to get insurance wait 1 month then claim it has just broke?

That would be a criminal offence punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Your call.