I broke my big toe last night PLEASE HELP?

Answer call a toe truck

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My homemade cottage pie from last night has been in cold oven over night can I reheat it today help please?

So last wk end I fell off a ladder and broke my head, and last night my dogs tripped me and I sprained my?

I will give you a piggy-back ride to wherever you need to go, but I'm a bit clumsy myself.

Please help me my cat puked in my living room last night?

Wow, some people are a s s h o l e s and immature f u c k t a r d s.Why don't you hire Stanley Steamers?Or use a steam vacuum..They have wonderful products at Lowe's and Home Depot for Pet.. Excrem... Read More »

I broke my toe last night - the doctor says not to worry... ?

The doctor is right. It will heal itself. A toe can't be set and a cast put on it like another broken bone. It will heal in time. You can tape it to the toe beside it (buddy splinting) to help rel... Read More »