I bought a sesame street music player and it has a jack but no adapter. How do you know which 9 volt adapter to use for it?

Answer Sesame Street is celebrating 40th anniversity

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Can I use a 9.5 volt adapter insead of a 12volt required adapter. Will it work?

If something you have requires 12 volts to operate , a 2.5 volt drop may be to much of a voltage drop, depending upon what your talking about. If you have access to the manual of the device , look ... Read More »

Can a 12-volt, 500-amp power adapter be substituted for a 12-volt, 200-amp power adapter?

Each power supply is rated according to the maximum electrical current at a set voltage the power supply can provide. Therefore, a 12-volt, 500-amp power supply may be used in place of a 12-volt, 2... Read More »

How to Install a 12 Volt DC Adapter in a Boat?

Installing a 12 volt DC adapter in a boat consists of basically the same process as installing any other boating electrical accessory. Basic electrical tools and skills are needed, and a few precau... Read More »

I bought a EDUP wireless usb adapter . Can anyone tell me where to find the drivers?

Yeah, I too bought an EDUP usb wireless adapter on ebay and the driver disk does not work, but here is what I did and it worked: I loaded the driver from the disk. Then Udated this driver from in... Read More »