I bought a new mouse, and this morning I found some droppings on my keyboard. Should I take it back?

Answer most likely cause is you are a slob

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Found droppings in loft about 1/2 inch long+heard scratching,could it be mouse,rat or squirrel?

To big to be mouse droppings. Mouse looks like coarsley groung black peppercorns. probably a ret. Callout the pest control FAST

I bought a new mouse and keyboard but I can not get my monitor to turn on?

That sounds like the monitor is not getting a video signal. Make sure the monitor's video cable is plugged into the correct outlet on the computer. If you have a video card and on-board video, the ... Read More »

I just bought an old computer at a garage sale and it has no usb plugins for a keyboard or mouse.?

It probably requires a PS/2 connector, a mouse/keyboard connector used back before usb. You can see a picture here.…You should be able to find a usb-> PS/... Read More »

I just bought a wireless Mouse and Keyboard. What else do I need to make them work on my PersonaL computer?

Just plug them in and maybe you'll have to install a driver. It should've come with them but it may not have, in which case, download it from the makers website.