I bought a new mouse and my labtop is?

Answer Either used the driver disc that was possibly provided with the mouse, or go to the website of the device you purchased and download the driver. Another option, restart the computer with the hardw... Read More »

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Just bought brand new HP labtop and battery charger doesn't work?

If it continues to not work, take the charger back to the shop, they will have a help center that deals with this type of stuff.

I bought a new mouse and keyboard but I can not get my monitor to turn on?

That sounds like the monitor is not getting a video signal. Make sure the monitor's video cable is plugged into the correct outlet on the computer. If you have a video card and on-board video, the ... Read More »

I just bought an old computer at a garage sale and it has no usb plugins for a keyboard or mouse.?

It probably requires a PS/2 connector, a mouse/keyboard connector used back before usb. You can see a picture here.…You should be able to find a usb-> PS/... Read More »

If I bought a new mouse for my computer do you think I can install it or will I have to hire a professional?

I am a professional, so I will tell you how to fix your mouse, if it is old.. 8-)Turn it over. Do you see a little ball? if not , you must buy a new mouse. If so, twist the little ring and pop i... Read More »