I blacked out from drinking for the first time ever?

Answer Yeah, that was called ALCOHOL POISONING... and you're lucky you're not dead.There ARE NO REMEDIES for that other than time and plenty of water.

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First time I feel hyper from drinking a red bull, why is this!!!!?

These drinks are rather serious in what they contain, (seriously), do some research.You will be fine though, just continue drinking water, flush it out, and try to get some sleep.

Does the new yorker ever publish things from first time authors?

Yes, the New Yorker magazine does publish the writings of first-time authors, but only certain kinds. According to the magazine’s website, the New Yorker currently accepts fiction, poetry, Shouts... Read More »

First time drinking..... question!?

Questions about first time drinking?

What a joke. You're lying and you're NOT 15. You're asking for (wisdom) and then you say you want to be (smart) about it too?!?!? (lol) Riiiiiiiight, suuuure you dooo.Because...DUH!! Those two w... Read More »