I bite my finger to concenrate to the point where it made an injury?

Answer Yes, stopping this habit will make the marks go away. Also, you need to apply band aid or an antiseptic on those wounds to prevent infection.

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I burned my finger with the hair straightener, it made a bubble on my finger..?

It's a blister, just deal with it. It will be better in the morning.

I have this bug bite on my finger?

It sounds like it's just a mosquito bite but if you think it is something more put some anti-itch cream on it and ice it to make it numb. If it's still swollen by tomorrow you need to go to the doc... Read More »

I have a cat bite on my finger. What should I do?

You'll be fine, you already cleaned it and it will heal up in a day or two.

Finger numb a few weeks after injury?

I'd go get checked. If there's numbness you could've had damage to the nerves. Since nerve cells are unable to grow back you don't want to cause any permanent damage if it could be prevented.