I bit the inside of my mouth and it get swollen?

Answer try swishing hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth for a few minutes, this always helps. do not swallow

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Swollen roof of mouth?

I don't know, but you should be seeing a dentist for this, not a physician. Make an appointment ASAP.

Swollen gum in the back of mouth?

is this behind your last tooth? or on the side (below) a toothIt could be a couple of different things 1) wisdom tooth coming in. Which could cause the gum to swell up and be really sore....inten... Read More »

Bee sting in dogs mouth and swollen up what can i do?

Call a vet and ask if its OK to give a little anti histamine (sorry about the spelling)

Swollen gum on the inside?

I am thinking you are having an infection if it really is you must go to your dentist. You might be prescribed some anti biotics for this. When something is swollen inside your mouth it is an indic... Read More »