I bit my toungue and there is a bump on it.?

Answer They are probably scabs. Stop doing that though!

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What espn or car commerical has the kids in the van singing bump-bump bump-bump bump-bump ayi ayi ayi?

That commercial is for the 2012 Honda Pilot, and is called " roadtrip"/\ /\|| || || ||thank youp.s me and my sister did that in the car

I've got a bump on my head but don't know how it got there?

I have the same problem, but there's no pain. You should get it checked out by a professional.

I cant eat because there is a bump inside my mouth?

Try eating soft or liquid foods. Also, you should rinse your mouth with warm salt water. It may help.

I have an itchy bump "down there" please help?

As embarrassing as it may seem, go to a doctor. People on the net can only give you an idea of what it might be, we can't tell you for sure.If you're worried, get checked out.. it could be serious