I bit my tongue really hard... help?

Answer the mouth is one of the fastest healing parts of the body

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I bit the side of my tongue really hard, will it heal?

Do you think i should smoke weed I really need help to decide or not its a really hard question.?

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I hit my knee really hard please help!?

Hi There: Start soaking your knee in cold water. Or apply an ice pack. The lump you feel is the knee cap. 1 to 2 weeks you will start to get better.K Never put warm on swelling.K I played footbal... Read More »

I bit my lip really hard and theres a lump now :/ Help?

Gross...but it is probably a mucocele. i had one not to long ago. actually a few times because i kept trying to pop it. but its there because you damaged your lip and it has to do with your salivar... Read More »