I bit my tongue and now its bleeding?

Answer lol relax if its deep then go to the emergency room. If it just bleeding because you bit it too hard but it didn't go that deep then you will be fine

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Is it safe to drink beer if you got a bleeding tongue or a bleeding wound in the mouth?

I don't know, but I would suspect the alcoholic properties of beer my have antiseptic properties rather than harmful ones. Which might actually help your mouth.Then again, I personally wouldn't tru... Read More »

How to Stop Tongue Bleeding?

Unless they are severe, tongue injuries usually heal quickly. Bleeding tongues are often caused by our own teeth, when we bite our tongues. They can also be the result of someone hitting or strikin... Read More »

Just bit my tongue n its was bleeding like hell?

Put some ice chips in your mouth. (If you don't have chipped ice, crush some cubes in a dish towel.) Recline and keep feeding yourself the chips. The cold will keep the swelling down, arrest the... Read More »

How to stop tongue bite from bleeding?

Direct pressure with a towel works splendidly. If you can grasp the tongue with the towel, all the better. Failing that, just press. Tongues tend to clot and to heal quickly. Another alternative is... Read More »