I bit my lip and it hurts SOOOO much?

Answer You're not going to like this answer...but just wait. In a day or so the really bad pain will subside and then it won't hurt as bad for the next several days. It will be healed in about a week. ... Read More »

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My finger infection hurts soooo bad?

This is a simple solution. See your school nurse immediately. She should call your mother, and the school will insist that your finger be treated by a doctor. On the rare chance that you don't have... Read More »

In soooo much pain can anyone help!!?

it could actually very well be cellulitus, that causes a fever, and allergies do not.also:some kind of insect biterash from a plant like poison ivyor osteomyelitisThis could VERY WELL be an extreme... Read More »

Why do women love chocolate soooo much?

Ever watch the Johnny Depp movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? He explains the whole thing there!! Chocolate creates the feeling of love. yep

Why do people think Ariana Grande is hot SOOOO MUCH!?

I agree with you but still What the heck?! I feel that it's honestly not that big of a deal whether or not someone is "hot". You really shouldn't let it get to you.