I believe my big toe is broken......Should I?

Answer Ice and once the swelling goes down tape your two toes together

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Wikipedia, to believe or not to believe that is the question?

well anyone can go into wikipedia and add stuff about anything. so I don't think its a credible source for research any more. Most of my professors won't even accept it as source so I'd be careful ... Read More »

How to Believe in God?

The definition of God is different for every single person in the known world. As similar as some views may be, yet no person envisions exactly the same thing as the other. So, to find out what or ... Read More »

Can you believe it!?

I've never heard that before but that's awesome if it's true. Some people have really brilliant ideas.

Why do you believe in god?

i am with you i believe there is a god. but a lot of things make me really wonder if there really is a god•