I been up all night waiting for my molly (mdma) to kick in. Why didnt it?

Answer You need a normal tab to take with it or it's a no go

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Caps Of MdMA.(molly) can I?

If you have a scale, find out how much they weigh. Look here for dosages.… - general MDMA information. This is a great site. Read More »

What is Molly, or MDMA?

MDMA is one of the most popular recreational psychoactives, most commonly sold in the form of "ecstasy" tablets. It is known for its empathogenic, euphoric, and stimulant effects, and has also been... Read More »

What is this song. I think this is the chosus- hey let's forget the week that's been because weve been waiting weve been waiting?

The song is called New Skin and its by Mission in Motion. I think that's what you are looking for, hope I helped.Bianca

Zurich at night--what to do waiting for a 7:00 AM train?

If you feel like paying for a place to sleep is a waste of money, then go for it! :)Ok, honestly: while Zurich's main station is bustling at daytime, it's deserted during the night (the previous an... Read More »