I banged my head and ive got a headache?

Answer lol no. Just don't do that again!P.S. I've had concussions on my head and amnesia before. They're serious but you'll live. If anything changes with your symptoms then yeah, I would definitely c... Read More »

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Banged my head?

if you feel dizy get it checked out or but an ice pack or a packed of frozen peas on the bump

I banged my head on headboard?

Paranoid. Stop worrying you're fine.As a kid I banged my head into everything, it was ridiculous. Never got a concussion.

I banged my head on the ground hard.?

You should go to the doctor. You may have a concision.

Banged my head earlier today and now feeling sick?

Go to the doctor to check for a concussion. I'm not sure if this next part is true but don't fall asleep either, that might mess something up.