I backed up my photos on iCloud, now I can't get them back?


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Do your SMS and iMessage's get backed up to iCloud?

In a way yes, but not user accessible. Assuming you have your iPhone backed up to iCloud the messages would be there but again not there for anyone, even yourself, to access. It could only be viewe... Read More »

I deleted photos from desktop and then from recycle bin, need them back,can i get them?

Ooops! Did you have them backed up anywhere? Do you have System Restore switched on? (I presume you're using Windows).

How do you upload edited photos back to your camera so you can play them back on your TV?

You should have that capability within the camera's software bundle that came with it. If not, go to the manufacturer's website and see what you can find. They may have something there.

I seem to have lost all my photos on pc can i get them back?

You can download or buy programs that can reset your computer to an earlier can go back minutes, days, weeks, even months earlier. We once had GoBack program...I liked it alot, since I'... Read More »