I ate too many fries at McDonald's. Can I sue them for making me ugly?

Answer Well if you can sue them for having hot coffee....I don't see why the hell not. I'm going to sue those bastards for selling me COLD ICE CREAM!

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Who fries do you like better mcdonalds or burger kings?

McDonald's are better- they seem crispier.

Who has better french fries McDonalds or Burger King?

Who do you think makes the best fries Mcdonalds or Burger King?

mcdonald's. but that's probably because of the heroin in them.

Does McDonalds use chicken flavoring on their french fries?

My friend who works in McDonald told me that the french fries are preorder then store in the freezer. the fries already had animal fat on it. They then dump the fries in the oil to refry it and w... Read More »